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Everything You Need To Know About Deadbolt Lock

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Deadbolt locks are among the most secure types of locks and are not easy to break at all. So if you’re going to buy a new house or you’re looking for a better locking system for your door, Deadbolt locks come across as the best option.

Difference Between Deadbolt Locks And Common Standard Locks

Common standard locks have a spring-loaded latch that can be pushed back. So if someone wants to break inside your house, they just need to figure out a way to push the latch inside, and then they can open the door easily. 

In the Deadbolt Lock system, the latch stays firm in its place and can not be moved. Which makes it difficult to break and the only way an intruder could enter inside your house is by breaking the door itself.

Types Of Deadbolt Locks

There are 3 most common types of Deadbolt Locks available in the market. Let’s take a look at these different types of Deadbolt Lock systems.

  1. Single-Cylinder – This type of Deadbolt Locks have a keyhole on one side and a flap on the other one. When this Lock is installed, the keyhole part stays outside and the other side that has a flap stays inside.
  1. Double-Cylinder – This type of deadbolt lock has keyholes on both sides.
  1. Renters or Keyless – This lock system only has a flap on the inner side and can’t be locked from outside.
  1. Electronic – With an electronic Deadbolt Lock you can set a key code on your lock and someone can only open it when they know the key code.

How To Install A Deadbolt Lock

In case you need to install the door lock all by yourself, follow these instructions to do so. We’ve divided the instructions into parts so you could understand them easily.

  1. Marking The Spots In Door
  • Take a scale and make a mark at 6 to 8 inches above and at 2 and a 3/4th inch distance from the edge of your door knob or handle set.
  • Draw a straight line to the back of the door from that mark.
  • Mark on the backside of the door as well.
  • And make the center spot on the side of the door for the latch bolt holes as well.

  1. Making The Holes In Door
  • Use a 2 and a ½ inch bolt saw to bore a hole on the front side of the door, stop drilling before you reach the other side.
  • Now bore the hole from another side as well.
  • Then bore a hole on the side for the latch bolt using a one-inch spade bit.

  1. Installation Of The Latch Bolt
  • Fit the latch bolt into the edge of the hole and make sure that you mark the outline of the faceplate.
  • Now use a chisel to carve out the recess for the faceplate and fiine tune it until the faceplate is flush with the door jamb.
  • Please make sure that the top of the latch bolt is facing on the upwards side.
  • Now screw the faceplate inside it.

  1. Installation Of The Lock
  • Attach the Deadbolt mechanism on the door and make sure that the keyhole side is on the outside.
  • Turn the inside lever/flap to make sure that the thumb turn is in the correct position.

  1. Finally, Step – The Installation Of The Strike Plate
  • Mark the Deadbolt with lipstick or chalk and stamp a mark on the jamb with Deadbolt.
  • Drill two overlapping holes in the jamb with the spade bit.
  • Chisel one more mortise into the door jamb for the strike plate.
  • After that, tape the strike plate in place.
  • Now close the door, then close the Deadbolt lock. if the bolt doesn’t go all the way in, drill the bolt hole a little deeper or adjust the position of the strike plate.
  • Draw pilot holes in the door jamb and use 3 inches long screws to fit the strike plate in its place.
  • Alternate between the 2 screws as you drive them in.
  • Now close the door and test the lock.

Final Words

If the security of your house is your priority, then you must install the Deadbolt Lock system in your doors as it will well keep your house safe from intruders.