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August Wireless Doorlock System With Any Home Automation Technology

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There is no need to drill holes in the door or install new hardware. You...

There is no need to drill holes in the door or install new hardware. You can simply use an existing deadbolt as a template for new smart door locks. An additional installation is required only if you want a different style of lock. Some homeowners prefer to have keyless entry as the default, while others have already installed smart lock systems. In this case, all you have to do is replace the existing deadbolt with one of the newer styles.

An Overview

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To make sure that your installation goes smoothly, it is recommended to first check with local government offices. In most states, smart door locks are considered as security devices, so they are required to be installed at the same address where the original deadbolt was installed. For example, in the state of California, smart door locks are required to be installed at the home’s property line, on the same property where the existing deadbolt is installed. This applies to both new and old homes.

With most smart lock systems, you will not see any change in the actual door knob. The smart part of the system is the keypad. Replacing the keypad with an older style, or a deadbolt that does not easily open by touch may not be possible. So, before you purchase a new smart lock, it is advised to research the latest technology available for deadbolts.

More Personalization

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If you’re looking for something more personalized, there are manufacturers that have added biometric verification to their smart door locks. Most of them come with a dialer system that requires an initial call from the homeowner before entering the house. Once inside, the dialer will connect to a secure server and retrieve all relevant data from the household. This includes access control list, pass codes, PIN numbers, and even voice recognition. The server will determine if an individual has been authorized to enter the property and, if so, what type of access they can have. For instance, it may be possible to block someone from entering the house under specific conditions.

Biometric verification of deadbolt and door locks in particular can be implemented with August app, which is a web-based application that is accessed via a smartphone. With this application, a user logs into the system and performs various functions, including biometric verification. It works just like the traditional lock and unlock methods and can be configured and controlled with the use of an iOS or Android device. If you’re worried about the potential invasion of privacy, you don’t have to worry. The use of smart door locks with this August app does not require any personal information, such as a password. Only a temporary password will be used until the user logs into the server, at which point a stronger and unique password will be assigned.

Other Smart Lock Methods

The other smart lock methods that are available through the internet include wireless keypad lock/unlock, remote access lock, cellular phone unlock, and wireless fingerprint unlock. With these methods, you will need to install either an iPhone or Android device or an iOS or Mac device. The idea is quite the same and that is to open the app and perform a certain action. This could either be opening or closing a door, activating or deactivating the alarm system, changing the settings on the system, or other functions. Some of these options will work with certain systems, while others will not. For example, the biometric verification option requires that the lock is on and it’s locked, whereas with the other options, the user must wave their phone over the lock.

The deadbolt option, which is integrated through an app, can give you the ability to control your property from anywhere. If you’re away at work for a few days and need to know that your house is safe while you’re gone, then an offline version of the smart lock from August Wi-Fi smart Lock will work. If you travel extensively, then you may opt for a portable version of the smart lock. This is useful if you want to protect your house in between travel dates, such as when you move into a new apartment. The convenience and ease of use is unmatched in the marketplace.


An additional smart home security solution is the installation of an iPhone or Android app. This will give you the ability to not only control your house through the iPhone or Android app but also to view the property from any location, whether it’s from your laptop computer or from your car’s GPS system. This gives you the ability to go through the motions of how to properly operate the deadbolt and other features. There will be no guesswork involved and you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that you have worked hard to obtain.