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DIY Smart Home Security System Kits

Smart Home Security DIY

Smart Home Security DIY

Review List of Smart Home Security System that you can install by yourself (DIY)

Using the right smart home security system is important for everyone. Every home is different, and it needs a different home security system that suits your lifestyle. However, smart home security systems come at higher prices, and that’s why some people are unable to afford them. Thus, if you are one of them, and looking for cheap alternatives to the expensive security system, then this post is for you. Here we’ve come up with different smart home security DIY that will not only save your money but will also make your home safe.

Moreover, the DIY security system provides you an idea of what type of gadgets make sense for your requirements. So, let’s get started with the lits of DIY security systems.

Smart Home Security DIY Features
Smart Home Security DIY Features

List Of Best DIY Home Security Systems


The first one is the SimpliSafe DIY kit, which is launched in 2018 with a much better look and new functionalities. The advance function includes W-Fi connection and dual cellular so that the kit won’t be switched off by a power outage. Therefore, it would be a better choice for homes if you will require more than two sensors for full security.

However, it is available in the separate keypad, a smoke detector, a siren, two motion sensors, six-door sensors, a key fob, and a base station. You can use all these advanced features in one security system kit. Meanwhile, no-contract, professional monitoring is available for per month charges as well as you can use more devices like smart locks, cameras, and more. So, it is the best system if you want to use something advanced feature gadget.

Ring Alarm

With a newer DIY innovation, the ring alarm system is designed with an excellent home protection system. It works great if you want something more traditional and classic setup. Well, it is available with a separate keypad and base station to install on the motion detector, range extender, a contact sensor. Plus, it is compatible with other types of ring products as well, especially the security cameras and video doorbells.

Additionally, it is the perfect gadget as it is easy to install, and anyone can understand its features and users with limited knowledge. Its keypad system permits you to switch between disarming, home, and away modes like tradition system. However, it’s a beneficial feature like push notifications, and programmable delays for arming can be active on your Smartphone as well.

Meanwhile, its ring provides the 24/7 service with video recording and professional monitoring with no cancellation charges.

Kangaroo 5-Piece Kit

Kangaroo security system is one of the most affordable security system choices. If someone has a smaller budget, then they can buy it to fulfill their needs. Well, it includes a siren and hub with a keypad that works as carbon monoxide and smoke sensor. It comes with two motion sensors for Entryways and Roo tags for keychain fobs for easy entry. Plus, you can manage the security system from your phone, which includes fires and motion detection. There is also a choice for professional monitoring with the trial period. Also, this system has some advanced features like pet mode and Alexa compatibility.

Nest Secure

If you want something easy to install and understand home security gadgets, then nest security is the best example for you. It comes with additional features and lots of options for expansion. The nest security provides a round pad device and guard hub to track all the sensors.  You can also add two detection motion sensor and tag keys fob for better security experience. Plus, you can opt for silent mode and disarm the sirens with a code system to avoid unnecessary notifications. Well, these sensors can also be notified as an indicator so you can easily know when sensors are accessed.

Smart Home Security DIY Innovations
Smart Home Security DIY Innovations


If you want DIY security systems, then these above home security systems will be helpful for you. These are the combination of DIY and professional installed gadgets to help you.