The Inside World of Smart Security

Things You Must Know About Kwikset Smart Lock

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Over the last several years, Kwikset smart lock technology has advanced to incorporate a growing number of helpful features, such as built-in surveillance cameras, alarms, teleconference capabilities, and more. This is everything you should know about security systems. A smart lock is a door lock that can be operated from your phone via an app. You can lock or open a door with a single button press, whether you’re at home, at business, or on holiday. You’ll never have to worry about leaving the door open again, and you’ll be able to allow in a family member or roommate who has forgotten their key no matter where you are, thanks to these gadgets.

What Are Smart Locks and How Do They Work

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Smart locks may be used to replace or supplement your existing deadbolt lock. They’re simple to set up. The add-on Kwikset smart lock takes approximately 10 minutes to install, while the smart locks that replace your deadbolt take about 20 to 30 minutes. To make the procedure easier, each smart lock generally comes with step-by-step installation instructions and instructional tutorials in its app. A screwdriver is usually all that is required for installation. If your door does not have a deadbolt lock, you may need to pay someone to drill holes in it to fit your new lock. You link the smart lock to the app via Bluetooth or your home’s WiFi once it’s been installed. After that, you may use your phone to lock and unlock the door, as well as operate any other smart lock functions using the app.

Smart Lock Features

Kwikset smart lock only offered a few functions a few years ago. The small gadgets now have a plethora of helpful features. Look for a smart lock that allows you to unlock the door in a variety of ways. Some people use four-digit codes, fingerprint scans, and digital keys in addition to the app. Traditional metal keys can also be used to unlock some smart locks. The locking features you select will be determined by your way of living. If you employ a dog walker, a smart lock with digital keys, or codes that can be sent to the receiver, may be preferable. You may then deactivate the key code once they’ve used it, preventing the dog walker from entering your home until the next appointment. Other features include:

  • Built-in HD cameras, so you may use the app to see who is at your door;
  • Two-way communication, comparable to an intercom system, allowing you to communicate with visitors at your door via the app;
  • Intruders will be scared away by an emergency siren.
  • Anti-theft features that prevent the lock from being tampered with;
  • The app’s panic button instantly contacts the authorities.

Smart Lock Components

Kwikset smart locks, like regular locks, require two essential components to function: the lock and the key. In the case of smart locks, the key is a cellphone that electronically controls the authentication procedure that allows the door to be automatically unlocked.

Integration Technology

CommonFloor Groups is devoted to apartment/community security, and their app already includes “SmartGuard” technology that allows communities to track visitor check-ins and check-outs. We want to expand the features by providing security solutions in the community’s Clubhouses, Gyms, Store Rooms, and other restricted locations. Users would have to use the CommonFloor Groups Application to open and reopen the locks once they have been secured with the Kwikset smart lock.

Wrapping Up

Residents can purchase a Kwikset smart lock for their home and establish permissions for it so that only members they authorise can open it. Many smart locks are powered by standard AAA or AA batteries, although some are rechargeable. The gadget will give you a message on your phone when the lock requires a battery change or charge, ensuring that you are not left with a stalemate.