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Few Facts About Lorex Camera

lorex camera

In today’s world, apart from ourselves, we are worried about our home, office, and other properties. At times it may happen that securing our place is needed. And when it comes to security, installing a camera can be the best way to protect ourselves and our properties. Lorex cameras can be your call in that sense. Lorex is a well-known security technology company, which makes top-class and highly advanced, and professional security systems that are perfect for home security, larger properties, businesses, and offices. Let’s know more about the lorex camera.

Types Of Lorex Camera:

If you are new in the market or want to buy a good security camera, you can try the lorex camera. The Lorex camera has so many advanced features in it. Lorex offers various types of security cameras like wired ( Digital IP, Analog MPX), wireless, wire-free, and wi-fi. All of these top-class advanced cameras can be used for home and business farms or offices. 

Lorex cameras have different features as well. It has Color Night Vision, smart home compatibility, advanced mode detection. All of these features can capture high-quality pictures where they will be used. To add more, It can easily capture in the night as well and which is very much good in terms of the picture quality. 

Digital IP Camera:

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Technically, digital IP lorex cameras are the most advanced security cameras. It can detect good-quality pictures or video along with the audio(if it is available). IP cameras capture data and encode it and send it to NVR. It sends information, alerts, push notifications to NVR. As it receives power over the ethernet cable, it does not need to plug into an electrical outlet.


Wi-Fi camera does not connect to any type of recorder and it is a standalone security solution. Wi-Fi is connected to the users’ wireless network and it can be controlled through the lorex app and for that, you need to go install the lorex app. Wi-Fi camera records to microSD card. This type of camera is easy to use and it is also easily installable. It can be used in a home and is perfect for monitoring a baby or pet. Additionally, it can be used outside of your main door for security.

Analog MPX/ Wireless:

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Wireless cameras like Analog MPX capture raw analog videos and send them to DVR for further storage and encoding. However, the wired MPX cameras are always connected with DVR through a cable but the wireless MPX cameras do not need the cable to connect to the DVR. 


Wire-free lorex camera is usually operated by lithium-ion batteries and it can last a few months without charging. As it does not have wires, it can be easily used in any place you want to install it. When any movement detects, it immediately captures it and sends it to DVR for encoding.


Lorex cameras which come in varieties of advanced features and different types of cameras can help you to give security and safety. So it can be best suited for you.