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7 Crazy Technology That We Cannot Believe Actually Exist – You Will Love Number 6 Without A Doubt


Currently, technology is changing hugely. Lives have been transformed by technology in a wide range. A large number of people cannot do without technology, for example use of smartphones. Every day we have crazy technology which is being invented. It has changed the lifestyle of many people from a great angle. The future has become real due to all these great inventions that make life more straightforward than before. Here are potent technologies which have recently been invented.

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1. Translator Earbuds

The device is best for translating languages. The connection between Google Pixel Bud with Pixel smartphone and google translate plays all this role. The earbud helps to solve the language example; French can be translated into English, which helps avoid the language barrier. Businesses are much more manageable since people can understand the need for each other. The technology is capable of translating more than 40 different languages.

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2. Clever Cooking Utensils

Cooks are experiencing a lot of challenges when it comes to making food ready. Smartypants is here to end all these challenges. The device is hugely fitted with all the necessities to make cooking more effortless than before. It determines the weight of the food you are cooking, has a handle that glows red when the food’s temperature is high, and all cooking guidelines appear on the app when cooking. A well-balanced food is good for our health, and this device can measure the nutritional level of the food.

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3. Smart Toothbrush

There are different varieties of toothbrushes in the market, but none better than this. Onvi Prophix is capable of taking photos and videos inside the mouth when brushing. It gives tips to ensure you have healthy teeth at all times. The pictures are taken to examine the inner parts of the teeth, and if there is any challenge, one can have an idea of what to do. Technology is here to develop new brushing techniques.

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4. Refrigerator Content Tracking

Don’t be confused about what to buy when you are in a supermarket when this device is here. Smarter FridgeCam is connected to a smartphone so you can access your fridge when in a supermarket. Help makes it easier to identify what you don’t have in the fridge. The app can take a picture to show the content in your fridge, which will save on food wastage. Also, it keeps on capital since you cannot overbuy good when in the market.

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It is the best invention, mostly for pet keepers. Pet lovers develop a tendency to keep an eye on their pets at all times. With the use of a smartphone, you will see your pet’s behavior when you are far away. It is fitted with a two- way radio that helps one talk and send a notification to pets. Help to reduce stress to pets since they will be able to see and talk with their caretakers.

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6. A Bed That Gives Sweetest Dreams

As we all know, comfortable sleep is good for our health. We have a well-pleased mattress to help prevent sleep disturbances and insomnia. Technology has played a big part in taking rest to another level. It makes you firm when you are asleep and aids minimal movement when asleep. Comfortable sleep helps to reduce tiredness and cause one to wake up healthy ready for daily duties. It is good to adapt to this technology to make resting more enjoyable.

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7. A Whistle That Sends Virtual SOS Signals

The technology is here to make you safe wherever you are. The device is best for people who travel long since it creates a good connection with your people. Geko Smart Whistle is fitted with a GPS tracking and Bluetooth device that assists when you find yourself in danger. It has a mouthpiece where you blow or press the button for two seconds to alert your partners; you are not in a safe place. This will develop safety for many people at all times.

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Life is becoming more enjoyable with all these inventions. They have tried to fight major problems people keep on experiencing in their daily life. A good idea should be highly appreciated to ensure technology is changing positively. Let’s equip ourselves with this technology to ensure we have a wonderful life.