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Stylish Frame Designs That Make a Great Addition to Any Room of Your House And the Office With A Cost-effective Way!

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Looking for a decorative item that serves your multi-purpose need, you will definitely like and buy Programmable LED Digital Alarm Clock Frame For Decoration. You can use it in the office or at home as a simple clock or frame for a programmable design and display various designs on various events. It can also be easily lit up in the room because it is of LED Light.

It is Aligned lighting that accomplishes a superior rest cycle. Customizable settings for advanced life. You can even customize its design with a special touch. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your special one, this will be an exciting gift. Its frame can be put on the table or wherever you want; you can adjust it there. It will be a Premium gift for your loved one, family, relatives, or friends.

In the ancient days, people used to wake up by the Rooster barley, and then the alarm clock came into the play; people got too used to it. Now, in this modern era, here comes the multiple-purpose clock that serves your need for decoration along with a digital alarm clock.

The frame of this clock is also attractive, which is made of acrylic, and its battery capacity is also enough that once you charge the clock, it will be long-lasting for the days.


◦        Size: 7.18 x 7.18 x 1.18 inch

◦        Frame Material: Acrylic

◦        Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh

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Package includes:Programmable Clock


This device serves the need of multi-purpose; it can be used as a clock and for decoration in the room or office.

•      It is also programmable; you can program it to display various designs at various events.

•      It can easily light up the room because of the LED Light.

•      It will be an exciting gift for your loved one, family member, or your friends.

•      It can be used as a decoration frame in or as an alarm clock as per your need.

•      It provides both alarm and sleep aid for a great sleep experience.

•      Its versatile functions make your room decorative, along with providing an alarm clock experience

•      Perfect LED lighting for every mood, and it is capable of displaying over 16 million colors.

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•    Maybe over the period, there will be a question on its durability

•    Since it is made from a LEDs backlight, its display may become faulty.


If you plan to buy a decorative frame, you should consider it because it can display various designs and a clock. You can use it to create multiple pixel art and design using its programmable LED Function. All this at a reasonable price which is with a long-lasting battery life of 2500 mAH.