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Delivers Full-Range Sound with Exceptionally Loud Distortion with Maximum Output and Compact Design

Do you wish to have a picture-perfect sound system in your home but think Alexa is too out of your budget? There are other options available in the market, and you will be able to get a very compact design with optimum functionality. But since there is a range of options to choose from, it will become relatively easy for you to be confused from the same. Today we will talk about a high-quality product that is easy to access, and you don’t have to break your bank for the purpose. It comes under the category of network security and technology, and you would want to invest in one of these for sure. 

Wall Mounted For Voice Activated Speakers

If you want a convenient music system that will work according to your voice, there can be nothing better than this product. It is available within a price range of 23 dollars to 25 dollars. The package incorporates a wall shelf, adhesive, and a guide manual so that you can install it without any added assistance. It is also easy to maintain, and you just have to wipe it clean so that there is no dust accumulation. It is also a good source of home security, and you can activate the speaker according to your convenience. It is an excellent place for network security, and the material is high-quality plastic. You can mount it on any wall and make the ambiance very lively whenever guests are arriving. Buy the music speaker now to bring out the musical liveliness in your house. But before that, it is time for you to check the specifications. 


  • Brand Name- Sportlink
  • Item Type- Stand
  • Model Number- ST08
  • Package- yes
  • Material- Plastic
  • Durability High
  • Maintenance- Easy
  • Price- 23 to 25 dollars
  • Type- Stand music system
  • Buying- secure payment method
  • Deal- Limited Time


  • This is a small music system that can be activated with the help of your voice only. It is pretty small and easy to mount so that you can quickly put it up with the help of screws. 
  • Now it is available at a discounted rate, and the flash sale is going on the eCommerce platform. It is from the Sonos brand, and the look is quite appealing, which is available in steel color. 
  • The price of the product is nowhere as near to the expensive items that work on voice command. You can even put them up on the wall shelf, and all you have to do is to read out the instruction manual. 
A desk with a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden chair


  • These wall-mounted voice-activated speakers are suitable for a single room, but you cannot take them anywhere you want. So you will have to install different devices in different rooms. 

Bottom Note

This music system is indeed unique, and it is not as expensive as you might think of it to be. Grab it while it is still on sale- and you can command it to play the song of your own choice.