The Inside World of Smart Security

Wonders Of Alexa Smart Home Lock

Alexa Smart Home Lock

If one thing in the contemporary world, that has equally amused as well as frightened humans, is none other than artificial intelligence. Although almost everything in our world has pros and cons but the case with artificial intelligence has been quite confusing one. It has created, broadly speaking, two opposing camps. There have been strong reactions on either side of the story. 

An Overview

On one side it has been duly promised that artificial intelligence, in many ways, helps humankind. It will create new avenues for them, easen out their lives and even the fact that they could now count themselves as gods as they have now created something exceptionally brilliant, something considered out of the league. Nevertheless on the other side there have been fearful apprehensions about the possibilities of this technology and even existential crisis lingering over peoples’ minds. In a sense we are making human clones if not creating something entirely new.

Need Of Alexa Smart Home Lock

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Whether the users become smart or not, that’s a matter of discussion for some other day but smart devices technology has somewhat revolutionized the tech world through the introduction of a myriad of devices and services. Apart from phones and tablets another thing that has been given due consideration is of security, especially that of home security. After all, who would not like to be assured about the security measure of their homes? Thus keeping this in mind smart locks were developed.

What are smart locks one might ask? Well they are locks but with technological magic. They perform the age old function of locking and unlocking doors thereby protecting your dwellings, office spaces, etc. With the change that these locks can be operated through wireless systems, say, for ex: using your voice, which acts as a virtual key. It also sends alerts and monitors events and provides other features as well.

Alexa Smart Home Lock Is What You Need

Alexa smart home

For now we turn the focus towards “ALEXA”, a virtual assistant technology developed by Amazon Corporation. This technology is capable of voice interaction, making to-do lists, set reminders, play music, display real time weather among other things. Alexa has also been developed to be used as a home automation system through the use and control of smart devices such as smartphones. Similarly, through Alexa, smart locks can be operated. There are many smart locks that are compatible with Alexa such as August WiFi smart lock, Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt, Kwikset SmartCode ZigBee Touchpad Smart Lock, etc.


These devices are the newcomers to the world of security. Especially home security. They provide the user with more control over the matters of security as they can easily modify these locks according to their needs and comfort. This makes life easier for the user. With young children and elderly people in the house Alexa smart home lock is a boon and a breath of mental relaxation. It shares your mental responsibility to keep a check upon the people in your house dependent on you.