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Know Everything About These Amazing Blink Outdoor Security Cameras

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These blink outdoor security cameras are waterproof battery-powered 1080p security cameras that offer cloud and local storage, Alexa voice control, motion detection, and support for third-party smart devices. It came into existence back in 2016. At that time, it was very much praised for its 720p video quality, reasonable price, free cloud storage but dented for its inability to provide two-way video and on-demand video and also for lack of integrations. Later, Amazon took over this company, and all these failings were covered through these blink outdoor security cameras. You can easily store video locally, use two-way audio to talk to visitors, and also view the video on demand. It’s a solid deal as compared to other cameras. 

Know About The Beneficial Details Of These Blink Outdoor Security Cameras 

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Nowadays, most people install these blink outdoor security cameras to ensure the complete security of their homes. Come along to know about its amazing features, designs, installation, performance, etc. 

Design And Features

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These Blink outdoor security cameras usually come with a small 2.7*2.7* 1.2-inch HWD camera and a smaller Sync module that easily connects to your home wi-fi network. It is black, has an IP65 weather-resistance rating, and is powered by two AA batteries whose estimated life is two years before they need to be changed. To change the battery, just loosen the screw at the back of the camera and pop off the cover. 

These cameras capture 1080p footage at 30fps and also offer video motion detection. It uses an infrared LED for black and white night video and also offers a 110-degree field of view. This camera consists of a speaker and microphone, photo Hue audio, and a temperature sensor. A pair of LEDs on the front let you know whether the camera is active or not. 

Installation And Performance 

Installing and setting up these blink outdoor safety cameras is quite painless and quick. All you need to do is install the app, create your account and just follow the on-screen instructions to install the Sync Module. After that, using your phone camera, scan the QR code on the module, create a system name and plug in the module. Then at the blink of the LED, tap the discover device and connect the module to your wi-fi network. Tap the plus icon on the given upper right corner, choose the camera and scan the QR code in its battery apartment. Now, attach the mounting base to a post, place the camera on the base, and, hence, installation is complete. 

This outdoor safety camera provided a colorful, sharp daytime video in testing. The black and white nighttime video was quite sharp to around 10 feet but became blurry beyond that point. False alerts were quite few and far between, while motion alerts arrived very quickly. Additionally, you can easily see the video using Alexa voice commands. 


Long battery life, easy installation, 1080p video make these blink outdoor security cameras a good camera to opt for. You should surely try your hand on these cameras!