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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Making Use Of Smart Lock Home Automation

A hand holding a remote control

Smart locks have become increasingly popular and integral to homes over the years. They enhance the security of your home, they come durable, they are convenient and also easy to use. When you utilise smart locks for your home, you say goodbye to carrying bundles of keys around. 

The smart lock usually connects automatically to your Bluetooth or WiFi. You can then set your preferred access code after downloading the lock’s app to your device. You just have to input this code when you’re in range, and boom, you’ll have access to your home. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making use of smart lock home automation.

Why You Should Make Use Of Smart Lock For Your Home

One of the benefits of making use of smart locks is the wireless connection. Smart locks usually come with a mobile app which you can download to your device, and the locks then connect to your device via Bluetooth or WiFi. Also, with just a few tweaks, you can now control your smart locks with your voice.

You’re also able to say goodbye to having physical keys. Physical keys have more disadvantages than advantages. Losing the keys is one of the troubles. Also, the ease with which anyone who has your key can access your home is alarming. However, with smart locks, you do away with these troubles.

Another advantage is the ability to change your access code when you want. Regularly changing your access code prevent intruders from guessing your code and then gaining entrance.

Unlike the best of traditional locks that can be picked, smart locks come tough and much harder to pick. Since the locks make use of digital codes, picking the locks does little help if you’re without the access code.

Why You Should Not Make Use Of Smart Lock For Your Home

A hand holding a remote control

You should note that even though smart locks are tough and not easily picked, they are not tamper proof. Just like any other wireless technology, smart locks can be hacked and your home accessed.

Also, sometimes you can lose connectivity. Your smart lock can lose power, your WiFi can go down for a while. What do you do during these times? Accessing your home will then become a bit of a problem.


Smart locks have proven to be a huge improvement over traditional locks over the years. They come with wireless connection, resistant to tampering, as well as easy to use. There are however a few pros too. Hence, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of making use of smart lock home automation.