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Friday Home Smart Lock Review

Friday Home Smart Lock
Here is a review of the best Friday home smart lock so that your residence can be safe from now on. Operate the lock even when you are not near it.

In 2017, a company named Friday came up with a series of new smart locks. But it had enough confinements like no Wi-Fi implementation, as well as inability to restrict access. That is why it vanished soon after it was launched. Friday Labs brought forward the previous smart lock, but the new one has come into existence from Friday home. The new Friday home smart Lock is something to look forward to, and the reviews will be amazing. There is a lot of tinkering on the lock, and right now, it is amazingly better than before. By the look and feel of love, you would not know that something has changed. But once you start using it, you can mark all the differences.

Brief Overview- Friday Home Smart Lock

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The first thing you have to do is download the new application because the old Friday app will not work on the new lock. Edward has more new changes, but there is a new interior escutcheon. If you need to lock the door or even unlock it, you have to spin the device. It is quite similar to the retrofit lock of August. There is a total of 6 shells that will be available to match with the contemporary decor.

Power Source

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There is a lot of power stored inside the LockLock because there is a customize battery that you can charge using and USB dock. The battery lasting will be for about three months, after which there will be a need for a recharge. The Friday home lock is easy to install even though it is a bit tricky in the beginning.

The Setup- Friday Home Smart Lock

After the first unlocking procedure, you have to register using the Friday home lock application. You will need Bluetooth and a home kit code scan, which will help in the registration process. Now you can operate the LockLock using the application, and the tech support will help you if you get stuck. If you want to reset the LockLock, there is a hidden button. There is a proper instruction on the writing home manual, and it will help you disassemble the LockLock if needed. You need to write down the code before the hardware installation process so that the hardware setup is hassle-free.

Connection Error Issue

In case of any connection errors, the LockLock and unlock command will help you understand what is going wrong. The original Friday lock failed because everybody could get access. But now there is a strict restriction feature which will be easy to manage for the users. There is also another feature known as the Friday assist, which will help you in automatically unlocking the door when you return home. This LockLock is quite robust, and it will not be easy for anybody to break in until and unless you have the consent. The Wi-Fi is in beta mode, but the app is quite better than the unresponsive previous version.


According to the experts’ Friday home smart Lock review, it is one of the best locks that you can implement. The locking and unlocking procedure is easy, and you can set it up without any assistance.