The Inside World of Smart Security

Always Protect Your Family and Home by Making Sure You Are Prepared for Any Emergency and Hazard!

Technology is changing its pattern day by day, now rarely things are untouchable from it. This does not only ensure our life at the best but also decreases the prospected fatal rate. In the last 2 years, approximately everyone has been affected by the real power of technology as it was the major thing that was ruling the world when the global pandemic hit the world at its worst. We don’t have any idea about those critical situations but somehow we were able to tackle them and now we are recovering the economy at a good rate. Some business and service industries are also producing the items by focusing on the safety of building blocks. 

The possibility of an unknown threat becomes more dangerous in the case of large coverage areas. That becomes the situation of everything at risk if one doesn’t have the proper updated tools and utilities. If we take the case of smoke then it can be rise due to short circuits, flame leakage, etc.

Here we are going to discuss an amazing product that protects us at best in the segment, kindly check the below-listed details!!

Smoke Detector via Wi-Fi

This Smoke Detector via Wi-Fi is a nice product from the safety point of view of the building block. The specialty of this product is that it works over the available Wi-Fi network. This product operated with the help of an application that is downloadable from the app store differently for Android and IOS users. This product is very useful for large business buildings like shopping malls, companies’ offices, etc. It can also be installed in the houses to ensure the proper safety of the living people. It gives an alarming signal before the possible damage by its inner functioning section. It comes with a long time of durability. 

Purchase your Smoke Detector via Wi-Fi today.


  • Model Number: TYSM_01
  • Type: Smoke Detector
  • Frequency: 2.4G Wifi
  • Color: White
  • Battery: 1.5V AAA battery (2 pieces) not include
  • APP: IOS / Android
  • Download APP: Tuyasmart / Smart life
  • Usage 1: fire smoke detector
  • Usage 2: compatible with tuya smart device
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  • This product covers the next level technology from the safety of the building block/ living spaces.
  • It is easily operated with the installed app and provides real-time updates which are very necessary from a safety point of view.
  • The alarming sound is sufficient in the decibel unit.
  • This product comes in a very decent color.


  • The alarming messages must be checked on time for ensuring all time safety.
  • The alarming sound can’t be audible if the surrounding sounds are too much.


One must keep note of the provided details from now if they really want to protect the lives of connected peoples.