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How Did Monotronics International Deals With Brinks Home Security

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In order to focus on its other businesses, Brinks home security business this year spins off to other buisness, which accounted for 15% of Brinks revenue in 2008. Broadview rebranded in 2009 after a lengthy and contentious advertising campaign. Broadview was acquired by ADT in 2010 and spun off as a new company the following year.

Monitronics International founded brinks home security in Dallas in 1994 to provide alarm monitoring services to customers and businesses in the United States, as well as financial support to industry dealers, technical training, and product solutions.

ABRY Partners provided the majority of the funding until December 2010, when it was sold to Ascent Media. In 2015, it was the second-largest alarm monitoring company in the United States, trailing only ADT.

MONI paid $507 million in 2013 to acquire Security Networks, a network of approximately 225 security dealers, in order to broaden its service offerings by entering the growing and complementary DIY home service market.

Monitronics purchased Kansas-based LiveWatch, which sold DIY security alarm and home automation systems, in 2015.

Chris Johnson, a former Kansas paramedic, founded Safemart in 2002. SafeMart began by selling security systems manufactured by other companies. Johnson appointed Brad Morehead to lead the company as CEO in 2010. 

Before being purchased for $67 million by Monitronics in 2015, the company had grown to 180 employees and approximately 200,000 customers in the United States.

In addition to changing its name to Moni, the company’s logo and other visual elements were updated in 2016.

Brinks home security signed a trademark licencing agreement on January 1, 2018 to relaunch the “Brinks Home Security” brand in the home security industry.

It was agreed to share the trademark with Moni, a private US-based company based in Farmers Branch, Texas, that sells home security systems that can be installed by the customer or by professionals.

Moni granted Brinks an exclusive licence to use its trademarks and businesses in February 2018, resulting in the rebranding of Moni and LiveWatch as Brinks Home Security. Moni will acquire Protect America in June of that year for $15 million in upfront costs.

Here are some advanced security system and benefits that Brinks home security provides

  • To upgrade your package, you must purchase additional devices, some of which are as follows:
  • Carbon monoxide detection systems
  • Flood detectors
  • The detection of freezing is accomplished through the use of sensors.
  • Tilt sensors for garage doors
  • Glass breakage detectors
  • Light and appliance modules, wall dimmers, and wall receptacles are examples of home automation devices.
  • Keychains
  • Smoke alarm

Is it okay if to bring an additional alarm system?

You are free to keep and transport this wireless system. It is just as simple to uninstall as it is to install. If your 36-month contract expires, simply call Brinks home Security and inform them that you want to change monitoring locations. If you require professional installation in your new home, you will be charged an installation fee.


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When purchasing security equipment from brinks home security, a 36-month contract is required. The use of Nest eliminates the need for continuous monitoring. Because the $29/month monitoring service is month-to-month and does not require a contract, you can cancel at any time.