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The Connected Medical Devices Security Market

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In such a scenario, the security measures adopted by healthcare organizations have been found wanting...

In such a scenario, the security measures adopted by healthcare organizations have been found wanting in many quarters. The report observed that several studies have highlighted the growing vulnerabilities of medical devices, pointing out their susceptibility to security threats. Amongst the top vulnerabilities identified was the leaking of confidential health information to unauthorized personnel.

Causes Of Leaked Healthcare Data

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According to the same study, the leading causes of the leaking of sensitive healthcare data were hacking, malware and security breaches. It further observed that there has been an alarming rise in the number of cases regarding unauthorized access, hacking and malware attacks across the world. The recent incidents in healthcare industry paint a rather gloomy picture of security threats and hence the need for medical devices security. As per the latest reports, two prominent players in the medical device industry have found themselves facing intense cyber threats.

One of the foremost healthcare organizations is Johnson & Johnson, which are one of the largest medical device manufacturers in the world. In fact, they are recognized for developing excellent quality medical devices that help save lives. They are also known to provide the best security solutions available for healthcare organizations across the globe. However, their recent security breach has left the company without any option but to deny the claims and stop production.


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Another prominent player in the medical devices industry is Cisco, which is one of the fastest growing technology provider in the world. They are recognized for providing affordable, high quality devices that help reduce healthcare costs drastically. However, a recent incident has cast a shadow on the company’s credibility, as they leaked the personal data of millions of consumers. The data was actually used by several unauthorized individuals to make fraudulent transactions. This act has deeply affected the reputation of the company and it has decided to take immediate steps to rectify the issue.

Serve As An Illustration Of The Serious Challenges

While the incidents highlighted above seem to be isolated cases, they serve as an illustration of the serious challenges that the healthcare industry is facing due to its reliance on complicated and sensitive devices. Manufacturers, hardware and software providers, hospitals and even third-party vendors are all facing a daunting cyber landscape. To fight cyber threats, manufacturers of medical devices need to come up with robust and customized solution that can meet the unique challenges posed by the cyber landscape. In order to do so, they must work closely with counterparts from other industries which have proven their expertise in dealing with the vulnerabilities identified in the cyber space. Only then, they will be able to build a united platform to fight cyber attacks and safeguard the privacy and confidential data of millions of consumers.


The cyber vulnerabilities of these devices can be identified through the research conducted by the professionals. Once the vulnerabilities are identified, the companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and services can develop the necessary security solutions. In addition, the healthcare organizations can also provide training programs to their employees about the importance of securing the cyberspace so that the personal data of the users is not compromised. Only then can the connected medical devices security market to grow to its full potential.