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Smart Home Security Camera: List Of 5 Best Brands For You

Benefits of smart home security camera
Smart home security camera can make your safety game even better. Keep track of all the activities at home with these great devices.

Our home is the safest place ever for us. We can go anywhere in the world but feels safe and secured only in our home. And so our home expects the same treatment from us. Isn’t it? To help your home get away from the threats of theft, robbery, or any criminal activity or any inconvenience, things will be helping us also. We will feel more secure in our home. So, let’s look into some best options for securing our home with a smart home security camera.

Smart Home Security Camera For You

Arlo Video Doorbell

This one is like a small package with a big offer. This cute small Arlo video doorbell is one of the smartest security camera used so far. To protect your home, it comes with a reasonable price starting from 128 USD. The best part of this is you can even see your packages fell in the ground of your door by its 180-degree view feature.

Now, if any courier agent mishandles your box, you can clearly catch them. It also interacts via Alexa. Moreover, it also comes with many advanced features like package detection and a lot more.

Best smart home security camera
Smart home security camera for you

Wyze Cam smart home security camera

When it’s about low cost with better results, this one is the best pick. Go anywhere around the world and still have eyes on your home. It comes with HD live streaming. This camera will not hinder the picture quality at all and gives you a hassle-free setup. It comes with an inbuilt MicroSD card and also a simple app. It gets updated frequently to fix bugs. Certainly, it is worth the money.

Ring Spotlight Cam

To have a tightly secured home, Ring spotlight should be the one spot choice. It keeps an eye on your house with HD video with infrared night vision and Live View. You have it in black or white in color.

It gives you live alerts when anyone enters your property and triggers Ring’s built-in motion sensors. Since it provides advanced securities, it comes with a little high but still affordable price starting at 199 USD.

Blink XT2

Blink is a 3 step easy installation highly secured camera to protect your home. It provides free cloud storage with two years of battery life. It can be mounted anywhere inside or outside of the home, making you sleep peacefully.

It’s awesomely water-resistant and even looks smarter with water droplets on it. Okay, that was just fun! You can, thanks to Blink’s persistence and impressive customer support of their to bring you hassle-free smart security.

smart home security camera 2020
Reliable smart home security camera

Nest Cam Indoor

Here comes another spy for your home security, which will give you almost similar features like any other security cam. However, besides all those, what makes it special is that it is Programmable with Nest Protect and Nest Thermostat and compatible with Google Assistant, Philips Hue, Nest, Leviton, Lutron, August, Abode, IFTTT.

It has a magnetic and swiveling base, which makes it easier to install it anywhere in the home. However, to get any extra features, you will have to spend on monthly subscriptions. Any which ways, Nest will definitely be a great choice to secure your home.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, it does require some amount of money to secure our home, but it is always worth having your home secured just in case you didn’t lose your valuable funds. Get the best smart home security camera for your home.