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Wireless Home Security Cameras With Audio

security cameras with audio
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For the average home or small business, security cameras with audio capabilities provide a high quality monitoring solution for monitoring employees and deterring criminal activity. Audio recording devices can be integrated into many security systems to enable you to view footage on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Audio recording devices that have audio output include:

DVR Cameras – Security Cameras With Audio

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These surveillance cameras are designed to record audio as well as video. The most common types of DVRs that include audio recording include: mini DVRs (DVR Mini), digital single lens reflex (DVR SVR), double lens reflex (DVR DSLR) and pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Each type of DVR has its own advantages and disadvantages. While mini DVRs offer the highest quality recording, they are the most expensive. Digital single lens reflex cameras offer the next best quality but are also the most expensive. Pan/tilt/zoom cameras offer the best combination of video/audio recording, but they are also the most expensive.

PZT Security Camera

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A PZT (point, shoot, zoom) security camera captures video using a standard Web cam. When the user activates the security camera’s “night mode”, it will start to record images in black and white. Some cameras have an internal digital video recorder that allows it to record up to five hours of video at night. When this happens, the camera captures five hours of footage in “black and white” mode. This mode is only available on some PZT cameras.

HIDDEN Cameras

These cameras are designed to blend into the home environment so that people do not see them. The HIDDEN cameras have a small form factor that makes it very portable and can be placed almost anywhere. They have no lighting so they are not visible from the street or parking lot. Some of the hidden security cameras with audio capabilities include: DVR Security Cameras, motion detector cameras, and spy cameras.

Wireless Cameras

There are many types of wireless cameras. Some of the popular types include: wireless, dome, and spy cameras. The wireless cameras tend to be the cheapest. There are many different wireless cameras available. However, some wireless cameras may not have the audio capability. For this reason, they should be considered on a case by case basis.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor security cameras have two purposes. They can either record video footage or let you view captured images on an LCD screen. Most of the built-in microphone security cameras have an external audio speaker that allows you to hear what the person you are speaking to is saying. The built-in microphone can also pick up other sounds during the conversation. However, there are models of indoor cameras that do not have an internal microphone, but have a built-in miniature speaker. Some models have a night vision option which lets you see images even in the dark.

Installing wireless home security cameras with audio capabilities requires some pre-planning. Before you choose your wireless cameras, make sure you know where to install them. Since they need to be within hearing distance of the transmission signal, it would be wise to check your local building codes to see if you need a permit. If not, make sure the local authorities approve of the use of the wireless cameras you plan to use.

Bottom Line

When choosing a high-resolution security camera, you need to take note that the resolution of the camera refers to the crispness of the image taken. Therefore, it would be best to go for a lower resolution. For instance, if you want to record one minute of video footage, go for a five megapixel unit. In comparison, a ten mega pixel unit will be enough to keep track of people walking by your house.