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What Are The Extra Features Of The Vivint Smart Home Security System

vivint smart home security system
A Vivint smart house alarm system begins at just $599 for a basic starter package which comes with a touch-pad digital camera and more. Read more about Vivint smart house alarm system here.

A Vivint smart house alarm system begins at just $599 for a basic starter package which comes with a touch-pad digital camera, one door/window sensor, one heat detector, and a water sensor. Other add-ons often push the price up to $1,500 or more and are paid up front or in monthly installments. Once installed, your system will continue to monitor for any sign of trouble and notify you immediately via the touch-pad or text messaging systems. When choosing an alarm system provider, make sure the company provides easy access to the monitors so you can watch live what’s happening right away.

An Overview

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The advanced features included in your Vivint Smart home security system include: built-in camera access with a video recorder, remote access to the monitoring center, touch-screen control of the camera and other sensors, cellular tower-mounted hands-free communication with the monitoring center, and a built-in twenty-four-hour monitoring center. If you need additional coverage, an optional add-on feature called Vivint Premier Pro gives you additional monitoring capacity for the patio, backyard, or pool area. It also offers optional smoke and heat detection and notification, so you know if there is a fire danger anywhere in your home.

For added protection, a smoke alarm is a feature found only in the vivint smart home automation system. You can set the time and day that the smoke alarm will activate as well as what type of alarm it will sound off. You also have options for automatic or manual activation, depending on whether the smoke alarms are triggered by an external source such as opening a window or door. For added safety, a carbon monoxide detector is also featured in this home automation package.

Locks And Sensors

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Some of the other security systems that the company offers are door locks and window sensors. For a complete security solution, you can get door locks and window sensors that are wired into your central board. With an all-inclusive package, you get a combination of a high-tech video surveillance system and advanced home automation features such as smoke detection and carbon monoxide detectors. If you have an existing security system, upgrading to this package allows you to continue using your existing door locks and window sensors, which eliminate the need to install new equipment. The video and audio monitoring capacities of a system like this are truly exceptional.

Video Surveillance Systems

Other features available in the living smart home security systems bundle include video surveillance systems that have motion sensors for night time protection, outdoor lighting sensors, and glass break detectors. Motion sensors allow the monitoring center to know if someone or something is lurking around the perimeter of your house. Outdoor lighting sensors allow you to adjust your lighting so it’s not too bright at night or not at all when you’re away from your house. Glass break detectors will protect your furniture and family members from small flying particles that could prove to be dangerous.

Smart Home System

Another exciting feature of the vivint smart home system is its easy access to wireless devices. The remote control comes with a telephone, radio, data cable, wall adapter, wall switch, and contact reader. It also has a touch screen capability. All of these devices work through the living smart phone, which means that it is always ready and available for use. It also contains an application programming interface, or APRI, that makes it easy to operate. You can even download applications for your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, or Smartphone.

Advanced Stickers

The mobile app for this home security systems bundle also includes a Tamper evident sticker for your doors, smoke alarm tap, high beam sensor, motion detector, and a nine-volt battery backup in the event of a power outage. You can also program your lights to come on automatically at a certain time or to turn them off while you are away from your home. The mobile app is completely optional, but the added convenience it provides makes it worth the cost. In addition to the mobile app, the Tamper evident sticker provides a quick, safe way to make sure that you do not accidentally leave any personal or business information behind on your property. Most security systems offer these types of features as standard, but the Vivint Smart Home Security System offers these extras for no additional cost.


The Tamper evident sticker is a very important feature of the mobile app for the Vivint Smart Home Security System. It allows you to see if you have tampered with the property, so that you can take steps to repair or replace anything that was done. tamper evident stickers are also used with other types of smart home alarm systems, such as those that detect smoke or high levels of carbon monoxide. It is important to make sure that you are familiar with all of the features of your security system before you purchase it, however, since these extra features can increase the overall cost of the package without much benefit.