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Using Your Google Security Device With Dorking

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A recent thread on Reddit asked if users of Google’s Glass wearable computer can also use their phones to track Honeywell’s Instinct Protect smoke and glass detectors in the family car. The question initially came to light when a poster shared that they too were receiving unknown notifications regarding fire and other occurrences from Google Home devices. Instinct is an industry leading brand of smoke and glass detectors used in most homes across the U.S. Recording smoke alarms or breaking glass is a common feature of the Nest Aware home alarm system, but the lucky individuals affected by this recent bug aren’t subscribed to…

Understand The Working

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iOs devices built into cellular phones? This isn’t technically true. Google’s iOs devices run on the mobile Linux OS, so running the latest (and thus “smart”) phone OS won’t cause them to interfere with one another. Additionally, Google doesn’t sell mobile devices directly, so no matter how smart a phone might be, it’s not technically capable of running Google’s own app store (and we’ll get to that in a minute).


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This clever little device uses your existing display for both showing you what’s on your screen and casting it to your TV. Simply use the front camera on your Android smartphone or tablet to take photos or cast documents, and then load them to your Chromapict display where they will be seen on the big screen. If you have an iPhone, the same photo stream will also appear on your Chromapict. This can be great for keeping a backup of your own photos and files or simply to have a fun viewing experience on your television. Unfortunately, only Chromapict users with Google apps can load documents or images onto the display, and if you have a ChromaPix, it will only show up on your phone.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is essentially an automated smart phone. It operates similarly to a virtual assistant that you might have used in the past (as long as you had an iPhone) and will work across all of the major smartphones and tablets (with the exception of Google’s own Chrome). What sets this assistant apart is that it integrates with your Google account, so you can use it to search the web, check your email, take quick phone calls, manage your calendar, play music, and access all of your Gmail and Google Plus accounts from anywhere you happen to be. Since it’s designed to work with your existing Google devices, you’ll need to add the app to your list of installed apps when you first buy your phone or tablet (Google will let you do this after you’ve purchased your device).

Nest Thermostat

One of the biggest advances in smart devices is the integration of the Nest thermostat into the Google+ platform. Once you sign in to the Google+ website, you can automatically receive local weather forecasts for your area, based on your geographic location. You can then set your thermostat to provide a certain level of temperature to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the day. This is basically like having a window air conditioner that has the same features as a whole house air conditioning unit, while also being integrated into your Google+ profile. This is yet another example of Google taking its laurels and integrating its services into devices that people already use everyday.

Summing Up

You should definitely take advantage of Google’s new security system integration possibilities, but don’t forget that even the best security systems are only effective if you actually install them! Google Dorking is by all means an excellent security system, and it makes sense for them to integrate their brand into your smart phone or tablet in order to make it easier to manage your security system. You may not want to pay extra for the additional features offered through Google Dorking, but you’ll likely never use all of them. Still, you may prefer to have the most options at your disposal. For those who do, Google Dorking makes a great app.