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The Benefits Of WiFi Security Cameras

Wifi Security Cameras
Before we get into the world of Wifi security cameras, let's get clear on what exactly wifi means. Wifi is short for Wireless Fidelity.

The words “Wifi Security Cameras” often bring to mind images of a man standing with a wide-eyed camera trained on your front door. These types of devices are not as common as you might think. Many people are just interested in using them for their home or business ‘security needs and not necessarily for their home or business’ surveillance.

A technology, which was first released by the Broadcom Corporation in 2020, allows you to communicate over short distances by using radio signals instead of wires. WiFi is so small, it can be carried in a purse, and it can be used to talk on your cell phone, and even in a small hand-held device such as a PDA.

If you have ever looked at your cell phone bill, you probably know that the majority of calls made each month are to landlines, where there are no wireless networking capabilities. You could argue that without the internet, you could not do much more than send a text message to your boss if you wanted to.

Using A Laptop

A close up of a person holding a cell phone

But the point is, most people aren’t worried about using a laptop to send a text to work if they use a cellular phone or are concerned about their security and privacy if they are only worried about using their laptop for sending text messages. But most people also aren’t worried about using a PDA to send a text message to their boss.

This lack of concern over security is the reason why most people are using wifi for their wireless security camera needs. Because of the way that the internet works, you have the ability to view all of the things that you are interested in, without having to be concerned about the wireless connection and the connection from the camera. This means that you can watch movies and play games, surf the web, shop online, and do other things that you would like to do.

But if you need to be able to see the camera in a video format, you’ll still need to go somewhere that has a camera. And that is where wifi security cameras come in.

Using A USB Camera

A camera on a table

With wifi security cameras, you don’t need a special camera. You need a normal camera, but with the ability to see it in a video format. This is possible through the use of a USB camera. When you attach your camera to a USB port on your computer, you can view your camera from any location in the world, no matter how far away.

Of course, you need to ensure that the camera you get is actually capable of doing this. Most cameras will have some sort of documentation that lets you know if the camera is connected to the internet or not.

The way that this works is by the camera being connected to the internet via a USB cable and then downloading the data to a small USB hard drive. Once the data is on the hard drive, it can be viewed. Even better, you can view your footage while your computer is connected to the internet, just as if you were using a regular web camera.

Security Cameras

Because many of these security cameras are wireless, you can also connect them to your home network or office network. so that you can access your footage from almost anywhere you happen to be, whenever you want.

Some types of cameras may have the ability to upload the footage directly to your laptop. This is ideal for those who want to view the footage when it’s convenient for them.

Final Verdict

If you are constantly away from home, this feature is a wonderful way to check in on your kids, or your house, or even to check in on a loved one, if you have a mobile phone.