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The Benefits of Using the Lifeshield Smart Home Security Kit

lifeshield smart home security kit
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Lifeshield Smart Home Security Kit by Lifestyle Solutions is an excellent home security and safety solution that is both easy to install and maintain. It also incorporates IFTTT recipes and Amazon Alexa voice command into a robust home security system that can manage numerous smart home gadgets.

The Lifeshield Smart Home Security Kit from Lifestyle Solutions is a versatile home security system which also controls several other smart home gadgets such as garage doors, locks, smart outlets, and thermostats, among others. It is perfect for those who are interested in integrating smart home gadgets and devices such as lights, cameras, and microphones into their homes and lives. The Lifeshield Smart Home Kit is extremely easy to install, and also includes a comprehensive installation guide.

The Lifeshield Smart Home Kit comes with everything that you need to install and control your smart home security. It includes installation guides and a free trial version of the Lifeshield Smart Home App. There is no need to buy a separate remote access device or separate hardware, which makes this a very practical and cost effective solution. This wireless system is fully equipped to handle a wide variety of home security threats including:

Controlling and monitoring your home


If you live alone, you will be pleased to know that the Lifeshield Smart Home Security Kit is capable of controlling and monitoring your home without the assistance of any other people, unlike other similar systems which only allow you to monitor your home with the help of the device you have installed, including your computer. This means that you will not need to hire another security company or a private security guard to monitor your home.

If you have teenagers, the Lifeshield Smart Home Security Kit will be perfect for them because it has a unique feature that allows you to remotely activate and deactivate the burglar alarm from your smartphone. This feature is called iBeacon technology, and it works perfectly with Lifeshield’s Burglar Alarm. System, which is highly compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Free lifetime service

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The Lifeshield Smart Home alarm system also features a free lifetime service, where you can get an emergency alert via text message, email, phone call, or voice message. If you are away on vacation, you can still receive these alerts to ensure that you are always prepared for any emergencies.

You can activate and deactivate the security system using your smartphone, or even remotely through the Internet, allowing you to use your smartphone to control your home, as if you were at home. With the lifeshield smart home security kit, you can set up your home so that you can receive notifications whenever there is activity around your home such as movement or smoke, even from the security cameras in the area.

Create a security plan

Another great feature of these Lifeshield Home security kits is that it lets you create a security plan, set rules for your home, and remotely activate and deactivate the system from anywhere in the world. In addition, the Lifeshield Smart Home Kit provides you with a dedicated smartphone for remote control, so you do not need to have access to your home computer for controlling your home security system.

With the Lifeshield Smart Home security kit, you can also configure the software on the smartphone for specific tasks such as creating or modifying a security code, viewing the home security camera feed, and accessing the system’s database of rules for monitoring your home. This means that you can be sure that all of the relevant information for monitoring your home is always at hand.

The Lifeshield Smart Home security kit will provide you with the convenience and peace of mind needed by you while you are away from your home. Whether you are away at work or on holiday, you will still be aware of your home’s whereabouts and any activity in the vicinity, no matter what time of day it is, no matter who is home.

The Lifeshield Smart Home security kit comes with an integrated monitoring system that helps you monitor the status of your home in real-time and provides the ability to easily update your home security system and other vital information. If the status of your home changes, you can have it sent directly to your smartphone or to an email account. You can view the status of the camera feeds and other important information.

Final Verdict

The best part about the Lifeshield Smart Home security kit is that it has a unique feature known as Smart-Alert, which enables you to set rules and alerts on your smartphone. This means that you do not need to physically get up and monitor your home with your hands on it, and you can enjoy the convenience of having the latest alerts sent automatically to your smartphone.