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“Smith Thompson has been my security provider for 18 years. I didn’t know that they...

“Smith Thompson has been my security provider for 18 years. I didn’t know that they made security cameras. My cameras are installed at our house, office, business, and on each of our vehicles. In fact, Smith & Thompson cameras are so popular we actually have wireless service now for all of our customers.” – Dave B., Fort Worth

“I’m very impressed with both Smith & Thompson security products and their customer service. They are very prompt in giving answers to our questions and making sure everything is done to our satisfaction. When we called to ask about pricing we were very pleased with the price and service.” – Karen S., Fort Worth

” Smith & Thompson are the only company I’d rather do business with than a home security company. Their prices are fair, their products excellent, and their customer service has been superb. Both the residential and commercial security systems we purchased were installed by a fully trained and insured technician who came to our home to evaluate our needs and fit our needs into their packages. We’ve enjoyed having monitored security for our home, even though we chose to install a basic home security system and had an alarm notification system that went off whenever someone entered the house.

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“I’ve been very pleased with Smith & Thompson’s professionalism and technical work in every one of my home security system installations. They have set an extremely high standard in the Houston area with their installation of the Alarm System. They are highly-trained and extremely knowledgeable and they always make sure their customer is satisfied. The Alarm System is monitored constantly and has made our family feel much safer, much like we felt when we lived in Fort warden (our community) and it has saved us a lot of money in our monthly insurance premiums.”

” Smith & Thompson have some great products and at a good price and the customer service is top notch. They have been in business in Houston for over 40 years and they have a good reputation. I’m not surprised that they are one of the most well-known alarm companies in the city. I recently had an alarm install in our community and they did an excellent job with the equipment cost and the monthly monitoring fees.

Smith And Thompson Burgler Alarm

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Other features include; built around smart technology that allows a homeowner to program their home security system so that when their babysitter shows up with the kids they can arm and disarm the home alarm system at the touch of a button. There is a built around infrared motion detector that allows the wireless burglar alarm system to only trigger when there is movement in the area. Another feature of the system is the touchscreen control panel. Homeowners who may be using wireless technology can just use the built in control panel with the built in printer to print out an emergency or temporary emergency bracelet code to arm and disarm the home alarm. This bracelet code may be called by anyone other than the homeowner, which gives them the option to disarm the home alarm manually.

Smith and Thompson offer three different home alarm packages including the Wireless Home Security System, the Alarm Installer and the Master Control Panel. With the Wireless Home Security System a homeowner selects from three wireless sensors including: door/window contacts, smoke detectors and magnetic door contacts. When purchasing this security system a sales rep will come to your home and evaluate the house. The representative will then work with you to determine what exactly your needs are and what type of security system best meets your needs. Once the evaluation is complete, the sales rep will help you find a system that best suits your budget and needs.

In addition to the security monitoring system that Smith and Thompson offer there are also other security systems that they offer. Smith and Thompson offer a complete line of safety and security products including: door and window alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and more. Many of these security products have been tested for defects and are certified by the National Institute of Standards. Smith and Thompson also offer full lines of intruder detection products such as: cameras, video surveillance, and driveway alarms. Since 1978 Smith and Thompson have stood behind its products and customer’s safety and all of their products are engineered with the highest industry standards and designed to provide the safest and most reliable protection for your family and property.