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Security Suggestions For Google Home

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Are you confused about whether you should buy August Smart Lock or not? Here, we’re mentioning the security features of the August Smart Lock.

Google’s new home security suite, the August Smart Lock, is a highly innovative and exciting addition to the August family of products. This one-of-a-kind product comes with a set of four customizable safety features that offer a truly advanced level of home security. These features are designed to help make your home security system more effective and thus more successful. By reviewing these features, you will decide whether or not this is a product you would want to invest in for your home.

August Lock With Smart Card Port Access

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The first feature introduced into the August Smart Lock is an August lock with smart card port access. This port allows the user to log into the home security system through their smartphone and logs any outgoing and incoming calls. This means that any unauthorized person trying to access the home will be caught by the home alarm system. If you were wondering if you would need a smartphone for this function, the answer is no, as this product is compatible with any smartphone with access to the internet.

Open Window Alert Feature

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The second security feature of the lock may seem unnecessary, but it can mean the difference between a safe and a non-safe home. With this feature, the lock may detect whether there is an open window in the home, thereby flagging the presence of someone outside. However, this may not always be the case, depending on the type of windows you may have. Also, it is essential to note that the lock may also be sensitive to motion.

Home Alarm Notification

The third security feature of the home app is the home alarm notification. When the home security sensor senses movement in the area, the lock will often inform the user. Once the user responds, the security system will be alerted, and the authorities will be dispatched. This is an ideal way to make sure that a burglar does not get away with the goods that were inside the home.

Set Permissions

Another feature is the ability to set permissions to different users. The user may be able to control who can unlock the door. They may also be able to control who is allowed to enter the house when the locks are down. There may even be an option to turn on or off the alarm. If a user finds that they need additional assistance, it may be possible to use the Android Wear application to gain entry without unlocking the screen.

Final Words

A Google Augment Smart Lock is only one of the many home security options that a homeowner has available. It is not intended to be used as a replacement for a home security system but as an additional solution to lessen the threat. It is important to remember that many home security options are available, including video monitoring, motion detection alarms, and a wide variety of locks. It may be necessary to research each option to determine its suitability for the individual’s home.