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Samsung August Home Smart Lock Review

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Smart home door locks have become popular in recent years. Why make use of just keys when you can go digital? Like most other technological advancements, Samsung has proved to be a leading brand in the smart home door lock industry. 

Samsung has manufactured numerous smart locks with unique design, as well as superior security, convenience, and functionality. However, there are numerous of these locks to choose from. Hence, we discuss Samsung August home smart lock review.

Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Door Lock

Being one of the latest Samsung push-pull smart home door locks, it features an advanced IMDA-approved fingerprint recognition software. This model offers you four different unlock systems; the smartphone app unlock, the traditional number pad, the mechanical key, and the improved fingerprint unlock. 

Another unique feature of this smart lock model is the inbuilt heat sensor which detects extremely high temperature. The sensor then triggers the door alarm and the lock flashes light outside to alert passers-by. To ease the evacuation process, the door unlocks itself during these moments. So in the case of a fire outbreak, the Samsung SHP-DP738 Digital Lock is one of the best smart home door locks to have for your security.

Samsung SHP-DP708 Digital Door Lock

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This smart home door lock model comes premium, IMDA-approved, with the extra feature of having inbuilt WiFi. Unlike the previously discussed model, the Samsung SHP-DP708 Digital Door Lock offers five different authentication systems; which are the smartphone app unlock, number pad unlock, mechanical key unlock, fingerprint unlock, as well as NFC.

Another unique feature of this smart lock is the IR sensor which detects any continued movement which seems suspicious, and then sounds a warning. The warning sound will also be triggered by forceful attempts to gain entry. There is also the regular visitor easy access feature which allows your regular or expected visitors to gain access conveniently.

Other key features include the remote access control, the long lasting battery capacity, and up to 100 fingerprints support.

Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Unlock

This smart home door lock comes with unique features which stands it out from other models. It steps up security with a heat sensor, and a burglar alarm. It features a double verification system using the RFID card, preselected password, or fingerprint recognition. It comes with a slim tactile keypad, and further features an auto-unlocking mechanism.

The push-pull mechanism offers easy access. There is also the one-touch security system, the design is top notch, and the lock comes cheaper compared to other models.


Samsung is one of the leading brands in the smart home door lock industry. Numerous smart locks have been manufactured, with each boasting unique features. Hence, we discuss Samsung August home smart lock review.