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It is widespread nowadays that the people who steal something would enter your private or try to enter your home. Anyone needs to take security as a priority, and these days technology has made it easy for everyone. There are various other security devices that you can use to keep your home or property safe from those burglars. Even if you are not at home, your home is not alone, and you can keep a good watch on your home with those devices or sensors.

There are various motion sensors that you can use to make sure your house or property is safe and secured. It also includes some remotely operated motion sensors, which are wireless, and you can operate those sensors away from your home. You can quickly fix these sensors in your home or outside of your home which can detect any activity which is taking place in your home or outside your home. You can get this amazing Wireless motion sensors for your home


·         Connection Type: Wireless

·         Arming Type: FR Remote-controller

·         Video Interface: No

·         Zone Number: 0

·         Password Keyboard: No

·         Power: 3 x AA battery

·         Display: No

·         Alarm type: The alarm

·         Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor

·         Alarm Sound: 105 dB

·         Detection area: 150-degree wide-angle

·         Warranty: 2 years

·         Certificate: CE, FCC, Rohs

·         Usage: Door

·         Color: White

·         Size: 125 x 90 X 50 mm

·         Item Type: infrared Detector

·         Communication interface: Wireless

A close up of a device

Pros Of Wireless Motion Sensor

·         The biggest advantage of this sensor is that it is wireless, so you don’t have to worry about its cable or wiring for the power.

·         It is easily operated by remote and can be controlled.

·         It can help you to keep your home safe and will avoid burglary

·         It is also equipped with an alarm as it can create a sound when it detects any motion from the sensors.

·         You don’t have to give it a separate power as it is battery operated.

Cons Of Wireless Motion Sensor

·         You have to check if the batteries are not discharged regularly.

·         The radio frequency used by the sensor to detect objects can be harmful to the humans

·         Sometimes you can get some frequent alarm as it can detect the motion of any moving object, which will always keep you in confusion

·         These sensors are inactive to all the very slow-moving objects. 


You can get this wireless motion sensor to keep your property safe. You can also go through the instruction manual that can help you to fix the motion sensor by yourself. Safety has been one of the biggest issues for everyone when they are out of their homes, so this new and emerging technology has come up with a great idea to keep your home safe. This remote control feature has made it easy for you to control Its rotation and check all your home areas. These devices somewhere promote safety and keep your home safe from all those burglars.