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Most-Needed French Door Security Devices

french door security devices

Exterior French doors and sliding glass patio doors are the most difficult exterior doors to secure. And it’s easy to see why – on French doors the weak point is where the 2 doors come together, on sliding glass doors the weak point is the standard hook type lock that the manufacturers provide. I have previously discussed ways to secure a sliding glass door.  Now, here are ways for you to secure a French door. And after there is a little history about French doors and where the name came from.

Armor Concepts Double Door Kit


Armor Concepts makes a lot of door armor or reinforcement kits for single and double doors. This is the kit they have for double doors and French doors. It has everything you need to secure the door except for the flush or surface bolt. Most home builders have already included flush bolts with the French doors they install. If that is the case with your French door then with this kit you’re good to go.

This particular package comes with hinge reinforcements, strike and lock reinforcement, header reinforcement – for a flush or surface bolt – and also the Nightlock. Nightlock is actually made by a different company but Armor Concepts includes it in this kit and it is shipped separately from the reinforcements. 

The reinforcements are screwed into the framing with the screws that are included. It includes 2.5″ screws for the lock and strike reinforcements and 3″ for the hinge reinforcements. The 3″ screws will get to the house framing for a more secure attachment.

It doesn’t require a lot of expertise to install these reinforcements. They are designed to go over the existing hinges. Only the latch and strike plates might need to be removed.

The Single Sided Deadbolt


Out of all the locking options to secure a French door, a single sided deadbolt is the best option. Because French doors have no center frame or support they are very weak in the center. However, a deadbolt that locks both doors together and single sided deadbolts in the top and bottom of both doors are a good combination for securing both doors. Most likely your French doors don’t have the cutout for this and the door will need to be prepped to receive this lock. 

A DIYer with intermediate skills might be able to do this themselves. I still would recommend getting a professional to have this done correctly. Not only will both doors, in the top and bottom, need to be prepped but also the frame header and sill will need to be bored to receive the bolt.


Nightlock is actually made by a different company but Armor Concepts includes it in this kit and it is shipped separately from the reinforcements.  The Nightlock comes in two parts, a base that is screwed to the floor and the plate that slides into the base. The plate can be removed at any time. If you use this on your front door you will need to wait until everyone is home for the night before putting this in place. But if you use it on a back door it can be used during the day as well if the door isn’t being used. It can be used on single doors also.

So, get these three devices today to secure your French Door.