The Inside World of Smart Security

iRobot Home Security Camera Systems

i smart home security
Each iSmart home security system is able to control up to 24 different devices with...

Each iSmart home security system is able to control up to 24 different devices with the push of a button. You are able to tailor the security system to your house and add extra devices for extra protection.

Uses of ismart home hub

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There are several iSmart options available when it comes to smart home devices. You can integrate the iSmart home hub with your Smartphone’s, computers, video surveillance cams and other security devices. With the iSmart home switch, you can switch on/off lights, fans, appliances, windows and doors using the wireless remote control. With the iSmart home hubs you are able to control all your iSmart home devices from anywhere in the world. The iSmart home hubs provide the convenience of an always available computer or smartphone to help you stay connected and organized at all times.

Features Of ISmart Security System

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The iSmart Security system comes pre-installed with four cameras for exterior and one for inside the house. Each camera has a motion and temperature sensor for additional security. Your living space has a DVR with eight separate cameras with night vision for full surveillance. Your driveway comes pre-installed with four cameras with a temperature and weather sensor for full surveillance. Your driveway also has a security device that remotely monitors your driveway throughout the night and day.

You get two cameras with the iRobot Security Camera system including a front camera and a back camera. It can be connected to the internet so that you can view your property online from any internet connected computer. This is done through the iRobot Wireless Internet Monitor. There is also live monitoring through a mobile app available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

If you want to upgrade your security system to iRobot Smart Home, there are some accessories available as well. The iRobot CCTVP 400 Digital CCTV Camera System comes with a total of 16 channels. You get front and rear cameras with digital zoom and infrared illuminators. It has two built in motion sensors, an in-built two-way voice chat, a high-resolution, wide angle, pan/tilt/zoom cameras with image stabilization and a night vision camera. This system has two-year warranty and comes with a software CD for complete setup and operation. It has an in-built battery that can be charged while the security system is on and automatically charges when it’s off.

Way To Use IRobot

You will need to connect your iRobot Smart Home Security Camera System to a TV or monitor via the iRobot wireless web interface. The iRobot Wireless Video Door Camera comes with a remote control and is a great addition to any security camera system. The iRobot DVR Plus provides users with one or two DVR slots that allow recorders to be inserted into your iRobot system with the use of an SD card. There is a built-in, easy-to-use setup that enables you to record up to 300 hours of content.

Bottom Line

Some of the most popular channels include the emergency channel, which gives you access to live dispatchers, the channel for the property, emergency dispatch and the channel for the in house police department. Security Shield offers customers a total solution, which not only includes an in-home security camera system with two to four wireless surveillance cameras as well as a complete security monitoring and alarm system. The customer can also add an on-site remote security monitoring and alarm system with many of the same capabilities as the systems offered by Security Shield. To learn more visit the official website and subscribe to the free Security Alert News magazine.