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How Long Does Vector Security Have to Warranty Their Home Security Systems

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Vector Security Incorporated is the fourth largest digital security firm in the United States. They offer residential and commercial electronic security and monitoring solutions, video security, access control, and security fire and intruder protection throughout the United States and Canada. They have been in business for over a decade and were one of the first security system providers to pioneer the use of VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, in their products. Their award winning systems are highly secure and proven to protect your assets, provide uninterrupted service, and best of all, save money.

Smart Home

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With the advances in vector security’s technology, they are making it easier than ever to keep your loved ones safe. One example of their security technology is their “Smart Home” product line. This line of products includes smart home automation devices such as door and window sensors, heaters, lighting controls, cameras, and smoke and fire detectors. The “Smart Home” app is designed to interact with the various components of your home. You can activate lighting controls from your smartphone without even exiting your app window.

The “Smart House” app is available in four different versions. The least expensive of these four is the “Sense” version which is only approximately $50. The “Sense” also has limited functionality and is not compatible with motion detection sensors. The “Ultimate” version has over fifty years of development experience behind it and is intended for use in homes, businesses, and public places throughout North America. Its interface is easy to use and comes with detailed instructions for installation.

More Affordable

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If you are considering purchasing one of the vector security systems mentioned above, then now would be a great time to do so. These security systems are becoming more affordable and accessible to more consumers in North America. Many authorized dealers are offering discounts on their products. Additionally, authorized dealers that offer smart home automation solutions can help you learn about these new products before purchasing. This allows you to make an informed decision and hopefully better understand the benefits of owning one of these sophisticated systems.

Distribution Of Power

Vector refers to the technology that identifies the location of an object based on the distribution of power in the system. A network service is managed by using a set of algorithms that are very complex. In order for a consumer to access the Vector intelligence, they must first become a member of the vector network services customer’s community. Once they become a member, they can upload the photos that they want to be analyzed.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Vector Security’s premier products all have lifetime warranties. The warranties do not cover damage caused by external sources or fire. If an issue should arise after the warranty expires, professional installation of the appropriate system is required. If you ever experience damage to your home security systems, contact Vector Security immediately.