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How Consumers Can View Their Digital Security Cameras Wirelessly From Any Device

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The Swann security camera company has established a stellar reputation as a leader in the...

The Swann security camera company has established a stellar reputation as a leader in the security imaging industry, but there’s more to consumers than just good looks. The company has earned a reputation as being a top provider of self-protected systems, non-wireless systems, and excellent contract-free options. The truth is that it’s not all about the cameras; their smart design is the reason consumers choose them over all other security options. Consumers interested in protecting their home or business can’t go wrong with one of these top-quality products.

Two-Way Security Cameras. The best cameras feature two-way communication that allows for pan/tilt/zoom and recording/replaying/capture. This is the perfect option for homeowners who want to keep an eye on a specific area while away from home. The two-way function of swann security cameras allows for a clear view, even if the area is covered by furniture or walls. This is also the perfect solution for businesses who want to ensure their employees are performing appropriately.

Live Streaming DVR. Consumers looking for a great deal on a surveillance cam won’t find a better option with swann security cameras featuring a one-megapixel, five-frame digital camera and a DVR that records up to five hours of crystal clear video. Consumers can watch their recorded footage on their computer, DVD player, mobile device, or anywhere in the world. A one-megapixel camera is perfect for situations when there’s a lot of activity, but the five-frame DVR recording capability provides for a greater quality recording.

Night Vision. When it comes to home security, one of the best features to invest in is night vision. Most swann surveillance cameras feature infrared technology to help protect the property and the occupants while they are sleeping. The infrared light is so strong, it can be used to spot movement at night, which can help law enforcement officials identify suspects.

HD Image Quality. Most home security cameras offer high definition image quality. Consumers looking for an exceptional level of night vision will appreciate a one-megapixel, seven frame digital camera that offers HD image quality. This is perfect for anyone who wants to see what is going on during security sweeps or other incidents without worrying about poor picture quality.

Wi-Fi Connection. Consumers looking for an affordable way to install home security cameras will find that swann wireless surveillance cameras have a built-in Wi-Fi connection. This means consumers can easily connect these cameras to their home networks, allowing them to access the internet from virtually anywhere in the home. In addition, most of these devices use a motion detector to determine whether motion is detected within the coverage area.

Cloud Storage. Consumers looking for a way to manage their security cameras without having to download or upload the images to a hard drive should check out the sand cloud storage feature. Consumers who need to view captured images on another device such as their smartphone will find that all images are available in real time, even if the consumer is not present.

Summing Up

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The swann security cameras also include a mobile app that can be accessed wirelessly from either an iPhone or android smartphone. The mobile app offers live streaming of the images on a large display, allowing the user to view the captured scene in real time. The mobile app is available free of charge, as well as being supported through a free trial for up to 30 days.