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Honeywell Smart Home Security System – Keeping Your Family Safe

honeywell smart home security system
Honeywell is known as the leading smart thermostat brand and they are also famous for their innovative systems of security. On average Honeywell has installed around 115 kits of Honeywell home security systems.

Honeywell is an American public trader multinational company whose headquarter is situated in Charlotte North Carolina. It focuses on four major areas- aerospace, building technologies, performance material and technologies, and safety and productive solutions. Honeywell is well known for supplying its OEM sensor, control panel for the Honeywell home security systems. Honeywell is also gaining popularity with its new invention in security cameras smart thermostat. It has also introduced its own DIY security system. It’s the new all-in-one security system that amalgamates the brand new intelligent home monitoring technology, smart control, face recognition as well as the versatility of an inbuilt Alexa with integrated siren and motion-sensing camera which is all wrapped in a single device.

Honeywell Home Security Systems Features

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It is just like Amazon Echo but with an extra feature of a greater focus on home security.

Honeywell home security system hits a rare home run as, with its set up routine the customers just have to download and install the app, then plug the hub in the wall, and then just scan the QR code from your phone on the hub camera and you are done

The next step is setting up a sensor, Honeywell home security system provides the customers with a kit of two windows and door sensor and a key for remote control, and it is a set which asks for configuration one at a time. Usually by a combination, or by typing a code or pressing the given hidden button.

Honeywell home security system kit also provides the customer with the necessary devices, the customer just has to pull out the plastic tab which has batteries and then connect it to the app

The final step while setting the gear is pressing and holding the two-button on key folk to activate it as directed by the app and the process is completed within 15 minutes. And then the customer should proceed to set up a geofencing option which is a linking device to the customer’s Alexa Account.

After this, the only thing left is to attach the sensor in the door or windows Honeywell home security system guarantees a full 2-year battery life too.

Once all the procedure is done, then the Honeywell Spartan app presents you with three-mode security. Its three more security has a different feature, for example, in “Away” mode all the sensors are active, in the “Night” mode it’s effectively equivalent to most of the security systems and in “home” mode the sensor of both the doors and the windows are active.

Honeywell Home Security Systems – How Does It Work?

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After installing this part home security base sensor it will detect any motion through a wide-angle lens of one 147° and instantly record a pin-sharp 1080P clip with full audio and give a message straight to your phone.

It also gives a live feed of what is happening at your home, you can also be able to talk live via two way microphone and can put a 90B loud alarm too, which you can control with the help of Alexa voice command, Honeywell’s app or the whole system is compatible with Google assistant, its new feature of geofencing which helps the customer to change the mode and also instantly switch the camera off as soon as you come through the door and automatically activates it too.

What If Honeywell’s Smart Security Base Station Is Stolen?

Honeywell home security system provides 24 hours encrypted cloud back storage and manual privacy is also present which ensures that your private information remains unharmed and all the link communication of Honeywell is highly encrypted which prevents the possibility of the information being tampered with.


Overall Honey Well Smart Home Security System is an innovative system of security that provides full house coverage with a door and window sensor. It also offers a two full-year guarantee of battery life for the device. It also provides a key accessory so that the customer does not worry about using their phone again and again to check the devices. Honeywell also provides three modes of security and it is also fully encrypted, which prevents the possibility of tampering when the base station is stolen. Honeywell home security system is a very effective device invented in today’s world. Its three-mode security system helps us to focus on our job without worrying about what is going in our home.