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Home Security Smart Door Opener: Is Yours Outdated

home security smart home
A home security system that includes a smart door lock is an important part of...

A home security system that includes a smart door lock is an important part of any home security system. No one wants to be the next victim in an attempted burglary or home invasion, and a door lock that can be picked or locked is a good way to prevent that from happening. There are many types of door locks on the market today from traditional deadbolts to high tech security systems that have fingerprint recognition. If you are in the market for a new door lock then you need to look into features such as; keyless entry, single password access, and monitored security. The type of door lock you choose should depend on your own personal needs and what your home is built of.

With a deadbolt, you want something that is secure and difficult to pick. A good combination lock is ideal for this. The deadbolt should match the style of your door and window style as well as having an effective deadbolt lock that stops would-be burglars at the door when they try to force it open with a key.

Home Security Smart Home

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A proper home security system should have many options for added security. This is where the keyless entry option comes in. With a keyless entry, you have a keypad that allows you to bypass a deadbolt and gain access to your home or office without a password. You should ensure that the deadbolt and all the exterior hardware are secure and that none of the exterior pieces can be cut or broken.

One important aspect of a home security system is the monitoring component. This is usually what catches criminals out, such as a security monitoring company that reports back to a central security board. The monitoring part of a security system is what lets you know if there is an activity in or around your property. The most common forms of home security monitoring are; cable, radio, cell phone.

With some systems, you have the option of having a keypad installed on the side of the door. These usually have a touchpad where you simply hit a button to arm or disarm your home. Other systems use a window sensor, which detects if a window is opened and then alerts the monitoring company. These are often used for upstairs windows.

A Much Ado

Glass breakage is one of the main causes of alarm failure. Many times glass in doors and windows are installed incorrectly, which can cause the glass to break. Homeowners are encouraged to make sure their deadbolts and other hardware are installed properly. If this is not done correctly then it can leave the door or window wide open for someone who is skilled in breaking glass.

In terms of keeping unwanted people out of glass, breakage is also one of the most common reasons that there are deadbolts and other door sensors installed. When these sensors are installed, the door automatically turns itself in when the sensor is triggered. When these doors and windows are not protected properly they can be very attractive to intruders.

Bottom Line

As we have seen from this discussion, home security is about much more than installing a few key cutting devices. If you want to secure your home the right way then you must do more than install an alarm or sensors. You must make changes to your lifestyle. For instance, the best home security systems will not protect your home if you never go to bed at night or keep your doors and windows unlocked. A good home security system should help protect you and your family no matter what the circumstances.