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SimpliSafe Home Security – The Advantages Of Using It

SimpliSafe Home Security

SimpliSafe Home Security

This article educates the reader about the various home security options that you can have and how to pick the best home security system for your home.

In this post, we go through the benefits of SimpliSafe. Figure out where this common DIY program is excelling and where the home protection sector is missing. Some of my goals when we relocated to my new house was to invest in a home protection program. There are so many options we feel confused and didn’t know where to go. SimpliSafe was one of the home protection firms that started to appear in our study. After many weeks of detailed study and advice from different people, we decide to write a review on the overall experience.

SimpliSafe Home Security - Review
SimpliSafe Home Security – Review

SimpliSafe Home Security: Easy Installation

When you open this packet, you are instructed to insert the USB drive into your device on the keychain. When you do so, a wizard shows up and talks over the method step by step. Here is a peek at the wizard system.

SimpliSafe Home Security: No Contracts

SimpliSafe has lived up to his reputation to our great delight. This was one of the cheapest prices in the market, good efficiency, simple to configure and check. Dozens of home protection solutions are there, but SimpliSafe has certain benefits that have persuaded us. Unlike other businesses who want to lock you down for one year or longer, SimpliSafe does not include a monthly contract. Monthly costs are small ($14.99 for regular monitoring or $24.99 for enhanced apps such as monitors and warnings with an app). Pricing is accessible in November 2019, so buying one-time equipment is quite inexpensive. The system arrives with a 3-year contract such that any faults may be fixed for free.

SimpliSafe Home Security: Monitoring

SimpliSafe incorporates 24/7 smartphone control and you don’t have to get a landline, because if you break a telephone line, the device will always request for assistance. Monitoring does not only include theft but also flood, explosion, freeze and carbon monoxide. You should still not compensate for the surveillance and only use the bell and siren to alert and frighten intruders.


Like other hardwired devices, SimpliSafe is totally wireless, meaning that you can switch sensors everywhere in your home without any issues.

Ease Of Use

The setup method is quick and easy and takes about 30 minutes. You need no special training or equipment, the directions are simple and they hold your hand every move, anyone does.

Wireless Keypad

The wireless keyboard is used for configuring and disarming the device. Most warning systems access the control centre using a keyboard. Burglars realize that, and as they bust through the door they smash the keys first. SimpliSafe prevents this by reaching the control device via the quiet base station and removing the burglar from the Keypad with a beeping noise.

 SimpliSafe Home Security Advantages
SimpliSafe Home Security Advantages

Master Keychain Remote

The smart master keychain helps you to manually arm or disable your device. This also provides an emergency button and a Flash drive that can be plugged in and downloaded to your device.

Summing Up

SimpliSafe provides several other apps to enhance the protection include alarms, alerts for glass cracks, panic keys, freeze sensors and cold sensors, etc.