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Harbor Freight Security Cameras You Should Learn About – Safety First

harbor freight security cameras
If you would like to know more about how Harbor safety is working, you might first want to learn about harbor Freight Security Cameras

Harbor Freight is a discount retailer of various tools and equipment such as security cameras, welding, lighting, plumbing, home, electrical, and hardware. Harbor freight tools is a retailer headquartered in California. Harbor freight operates many retail stores, mail order as well as e-commerce businesses. Harbor freight has many departments that offer various purposes, such as harbor freight security cameras, harbor freight power tools, harbor freight hardware, harbor freight welding, harbor freight material handling, harbor freight electrical, harbor freight lighting, among others.

Various Harbor Freight Security Cameras

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Harbor freight security cameras are one of the best surveillance systems used in the market. These security cameras offer complete protection and surveillance of homes and other properties. Following are some of the Harbor freight security cameras used by the general public: –

Cobra: – this wireless surveillance camera with night vision can be installed anywhere and is also very easy to install. Since it is a wireless camera, there is no need for the hassle of cables and installed anywhere with a power source. This camera will work in all weather conditions, and the design is entirely weatherproof. It also has a built-in speaker and a microphone.

Bunker hill security: – this camera helps connect the existing system in minutes for the customer to keep a close eye on the property. This is a weatherproof camera and has infrared LEDs with low-light sensors. This helps the camera deliver a crisp, clear view with night vision and 300-pixel resolution.

Geeni looks: – it is a 1080p HD camera with wi-fi which delivers fast and transparent HD Livestream. The Livestream is directly delivered to the smartphone, and with a flexible stem, it can bend at any angle and has a slim look.

Cobra 8 channel security camera: – this camera can set up to 8 cameras at once and has easy remote access to the control of the system from the smartphone. 1TB hard drive comes with the set for recording and has four indoor/outdoor cameras. This security camera can also capture images up to 100 feet away with night vision.

Harbor Freight Security Cameras Reviews

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These cameras are the best in the market and protect the family, house, and properties from intruders and thieves. There are various models according to the needs at a different price range.

Benefits of Harbor Freight Security Cameras

The primary security camera is enough for a house or small business property.

Almost all the cameras have night vision, which is an added advantage.

We can remotely operate these cameras with the help of a smartphone.


We can give the house fortress-like protection with the help of Harbor freight security cameras. You can also opt for this camera for domestic security especially considering how advantageous the features could be. When you have such safety around you, you might not have to worry about anything else. If there is one thing to focus on, then it should be the reviews and specifications of the respective camera before you make a used investment in buying and installing one.