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Greatly Improved Your Security and Preventing Unauthorized Entry! A Great Helper and Easy to Use!

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The answer to these worries over security and protection is a versatile entryway lock. A versatile entryway lock or an entryway plug with an alert can offer significant serenity for you and your family, whether an extended get-away, for an overnight stay, or at home. Do you have an understudy in residence? Is it safe to say that you are remaining in a get-away rental or lodge? The odds are that a significant number of these areas simply reuse the keys and who knows who has a duplicate. A feeling that all is well with the world at home or while voyaging is significant. If you live in an investment property, the landowner approaches your place, and surprisingly previous inhabitants may in the event that they actually have a key. Are you feeling insecure while traveling? Are you worried while staying out dos in an unknown hotel or resort? Then you need to carry a portable door lock which can help you stay safe and add security to you and your belongings.

Portable Hotel Door Lock Anti-theft Lock And Childproof Door Lock For Your Home Security

It’s a convenient door lock that introduces in seconds with no more apparatuses required. It’s lightweight. You can take it with you when you travel, go to lodgings, or even move to another loft/house. It’s childproof from within while it’s enemy of robbery outwardly, giving you extra security and protection. . On the off chance that you have flatmates, having the option to bolt the room entryway can give an additional sensation of safety. Feeling safe when you’re comfortable or voyaging can, at times, be very troublesome. Therefore buy the anti theft lock now!


  • Keys Included- Yes
  • Fit Door Thickness
  • Customization- Yes
  • Model Number- Lock-05
  • Surface finishing – None
  • Material- Zinc Alloy
  • Applicable on – Entrance
  • Wholesale Discount- Contact Seller
  • Drop Shipping- Drop Ship Accepted
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  • The best part about this product is that it is portable and can be carried anywhere in any part of the world without any complications.
  • It is easy to use and can be installed in seconds without the help of any other added tools.
  • It is extremely light in carrying and can be carried anywhere.
  • It provides both options of being childproof and being anti-theft.
  • It helps you protect and feel secure in and outside situations adding extra security.
  • It is designed in a very modern and solid fashion and is fashionable in carrying.


  • It would be best if you made sure that you do not get stuck in an obscure situation before using this.
  • Also, you have to keep in mind that this tool is not for children, and it is better to make them stay away from it.

Final Note

Products like this can help you save valuable belongings and make you feel comfortable in an outside situation. It also provides added security for travelers and those who need to travel for their job daily. It can help to avoid any unnecessary situations like theft, robbery, and some other crimes.