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Features To Look For In A Wireless Home Security Camera System

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Outdoor security cameras are the perfect security devices for homeowners and business owners. As a...

Outdoor security cameras are the perfect security devices for homeowners and business owners. As a matter of fact, these gadgets have become quite popular among homeowners. This is primarily because they can help prevent the theft of belongings in addition to protecting the house and its occupants from the perils that lurk outside. As such, many consider having an outdoor security camera as part of their regular household protection system. However, more often than not, people choose wireless security cameras because they tend to be easier to use and less expensive than their wired counterparts. The following are some of the primary reasons why this should be considered:

Easily Adjustable Options – Safe Smart Home Security Camera

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When a homeowner installs an outdoor security camera, it is usually possible for him or her to make adjustments to the camera’s features. This is especially true with wireless units, which can easily be adjusted either vertically or horizontally. This gives a homeowner greater control when it comes to aiming the camera in a particular direction. In fact, some even go so far as to adjust the focal length of the lens in order to capture moving images.


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As mentioned above, wireless outdoor security cameras tend to be easier to use when it comes to aiming the camera. One of the most common complaints of homeowners (of which there are countless) is that they have blurry images when the subject of the shot moves across the camera. To remedy this, many homeowners opt to purchase models with higher pixel resolutions so they can capture crisp, clear images regardless of the position of the subject on the screen.

Better Audio Quality

Some may not be aware that wireless cameras are capable of offering audio quality of their own. As such, it is always a good idea to pair an outdoor security camera with a digital video recorder (DVR). This way, the homeowner is assured that his or her video recordings will not be lost or corrupted due to an inoperable or faulty camera. In addition, a DVR will allow the homeowner to make use of “live view” capability in order to see footage from even further away locations. Many cameras also offer infrared capabilities in order to capture images at night.

Cloud Storage

Most outdoor security cameras today come equipped with one or more cloud storage servers in order to store and allow viewing of footage remotely. When comparing types of remote viewing options, it is important to consider the type of data that will need to be stored. If high-resolution photos and videos are desired, then cloud storage is the best option. However, if only minute details of a case will be needed for analysis or quick retrieval, then two-way audio or a data logger will be preferable.

Superior Monitoring Performance

When comparing features, it is important to consider how closely the unit will be able to correlate with an actual live monitoring operation. A majority of outdoor security cameras offer a one-way mode, which allows for viewing the footage on a monitor from anywhere. Some offer a two-way mode that allows the user to receive a feed of live video from the device via a small form-factor IP cam to another device such as a laptop. Two-way mode is typically found on professionally installed outdoor cameras.

Nest Awareness

This refers to the ability of a security camera system to identify and trigger outdoor security cameras with a triggered alarm. While many traditional security camera systems will trigger an alarm when motion is detected, some devices will allow for the option to trigger without any movement on the part of the target. This is especially useful when a home surveillance system is being installed in a residential area. In addition, some nest wireless security camera systems will offer a unique set of features not available with other models. For example, some offer round-the-clock monitoring performance, while others will allow for remote access through a password, which may include biometric measures such as fingerprint scanning.

Color Night Vision

Some outdoor security cameras will also offer color night vision performance. This feature refers to the ability of the camera to capture images in low-light situations. A good example would be night vision capable cameras that can detect low light through the use of monochromatic filters. These cameras are ideal for security purposes because they provide a higher level of image quality than other forms of video recording.