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Door Locks – How To Pick A Good One

door latch
A door latch is an accessory that holds a door or window in place. Know more!

Door latches come in many different styles, each with its own particular purpose. Some latched doors or windows have a key that can be turned to open them, while others require a button or a knob to do so. While some types are permanent and cannot be moved, most others can be easily removed and replaced.


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A dishwasher uses a door latch as a safety device to prevent it from accidentally opening during use. The many different door latches available include spring, bolt, twist and compression lathes. Spring latches use a lever that is pulled back to allow access to the door, while a bolt latch uses a screw to hold the door firmly in place. Of course, the type of lever used and the size of the hole in the door or window that the lever will fit through factors in determining which style will best meet the needs of the user.


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Door latches are commonly used on doors for interior and exterior use. They have become a necessary item due to their versatility. There are a variety of styles of door latch. Some are designed to work on a sliding track, and have a foot lever that slides or is pressed to lock the door. Other styles, such as compression or spring, rely on pressure or gravity to keep open.


There are two basic types of locking mechanisms used on doors. One type of door latch works on a sliding track that is usually secured by a bolt or knob at the very top. Sliding doors may use chains or a roller. Some sliding doors use a pin that is turned counterclockwise to lock the door. These door latches are often found on exterior doors, and are much more common on French doors and patio doors. They do not have the security of a deadbolt lock.


The second basic style of door latch is the compression or spring mechanism. This style uses a spring that compresses when pressure is applied to the door and releases when pressure is released. A key may be required to operate this style of lock. The advantage to this style is that it offers a higher level of security than a sliding or screw driven mechanism.

Smart Types

Electronic door locks come in two basic varieties, keyless and deadbolt. Keyless door locks use a biometric fingerprint system to allow only authorized users to access the property. If you have one of these locks installed on your car door, you will need the help of a garage repair technician to remove the key that is kept inside the door. The technician must cut a hole in the door that is big enough for him to fit inside and grab the key. With the keyless door latch, there is no way an unauthorized person can open the door without first having the key. The electronic door lock also requires a key for operation.


Deadbolt locks are used on exterior doors. They are designed with one knob that is either locked or left open. You can use any style of deadbolt lock you wish, whether it is a knuckle lock, or a cylinder lock. A side view or side drawer safety lock is mounted inside the inside door handle. The interior door handle has two detachable lugs that fit inside the outside handle. To open the door, the user pushes on the inside door handle, which is held in place by the locking lever.

Wrapping Up

Installing deadbolts on your exterior doors can be a little tricky, so make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. To start, make sure that the door is shut and sealed off. Use the appropriate tools: lock pick or utility knife, screw drivers, or a hammer to pry the door lock from its tracks. Once the lock is removed, remove the inside handle to make room for the new lock to be installed.