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Best Smart Lock Google Home – How To Keep Yourself Safe

best smart lock google home

With the smart technology advanced gadgets coming up in the stream the smart locks are highly becoming popular around to keep the house safe from any mishappening. With google, life has become easy as you can do everything just a speech away. Here are some of the best smart locks which can keep the house safe and can be controlled with the google home command. The smart locks are technology-driven devices which keeps the house highly secure with the power of command in the hand of the owners. Here are some of the best smart locks which can be controlled by the command of the google home device.

Best Smart Lock Google Home – Yale Smart Lock

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The yale smart lock can be the best and controlled from different places from the google assistant and with the google hoe devices like a nest, home, and mini. Google home makes the smart lock work all he functions like disabling the alarm keeping the command into action etc. It is the best choice product to pair up with google home devices.

Best Smart Lock Google Home – August Smart Lock 

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The third-generation August smart lock is a budget-friendly choice to keep the house can be unlocked automatically with the phone or the devices and also has a deadbolt thumb turn on the front so it can be manually used from inside too.

Best Smart Lock Google Home – Lockly Secure Pro

The lock securely pro will make the life of the owner fully and licensed-based secured. The lock will give you a feeling of the James bond films as one enters in highly secured headquarters. The lock has a fingerprint sensor that can read about 99 prints. With a simple scan, you can be in the house. Even the number screen numbers keep rotating so that no one can get the code if spying on you.

Best Smart Lock Google Home – Candy House Sesame

The candy House second-generation smart lock sits on the top of the boring deadlock which is a single turn. It can be easily installed and can be remotely managed by the wifi connection and google home devices with a command-based approach.

Best Smart Lock Google Home – Kwikset Hao WIFI Smart Lock

The Kwikset smart lock is an amazing deal with the places on a rental basis. You can create 250 unique user codes with the smart lock in and disable and delete the one codes which are not required by anyone. one can even set codes for the scheduled timing required. One can get the lock activities to capture on the application of the lock and the lock can be easily maintained by google home devices.


The google home devices are highly used for managing the smart locks so that the homes can be more secure and when you are not at home you can get the activities captured on the Google applications. If you would like to know more about the choices, try using these products and compare the features to know which one would suit the best.