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5G Conspiracy Theories – Some People Even Think It Is Responsible For Covid-19


There are so many conspiracy theorists that aim to connect 5G to the pandemic. Here’s a list of the most popular theories, what they are, as well as why they’re wrong or unbelievable.


5G Is Dangerous To Your Health

There’s a rumor that says 5G has never even passed laboratory trials for safety. Back in the 90s, there was a clamor that 2G airwaves could be carcinogenic, so what more if the airwaves are stronger, like 5G?


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This is a baseless claim but there are so many propagators online. It’s even difficult to trace back everything to one original source because it has already been spread so much. One main justification for such a rumor is a photo of a technician up a signal tower, wearing a hazmat suit. People think he’s wearing the suit to protect himself against the airwaves, but he’s actually wearing it to protect himself from the harmful components of the cleaning chemicals he is using.

There are even plenty of statements from organizations like the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) that mobile communication airwaves are not harmful to your health.



5G Caused The Covid-19

This is somewhat farfetched yet highly believed by numerous individuals. Dr. Thomas Cowan is a US doctor who is currently on disciplinary probation. He claimed that 5G airwaves poisoned human body cells. The cells then excreted wastes that transformed into the virus Covid-19. He said all of these in a YouTube video which gained popularity and was even shared by multiple celebrities and famous personalities.


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The video was debunked by numerous scientists and professionals and has since then been taken down. It was deemed as baseless and only served to spread false information and instill panic. Viruses could never originate from human body debris as a way to counteract illnesses.

There’s also a similar theory that says 5G signals can cause as accelerators for the Covid-19 virus. This was assumed based on the theory that the signals can suppress one’s immune system, thus making the body more susceptible to the virus.


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5G Can Kill Birds And Plants

This is still an unusual claim but still has more basis than everything else. Last October 2018, 297 birds were found dead in the Netherlands. This was assumed to be caused by the sudden spike in 5G trials in the said area. In December 2019, 225 birds were found dead in North Wales.

The birds were later autopsied. It was discovered that they all died due to some form of collision. It was theorized that maybe there was some sort of blockage that triggered confusion among the birds, causing them to bump into each other. The correlation between the mass deaths and the 5G signals still remain unclear and unconfirmed.



There’s also the matter of dead plants. There was an image of fallen trees in Aleksinac. These fallen trees were theorized to be caused by 5G towers. Conspiracy theorists suggest that the government would just plant more trees to cover up the fallen ones. This was only speculation and there’s actually no real nor solid evidence of 5G signals being directly responsible for dead plants.