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360 Total Security Review: Should I Get It?

The article reviews the 360 Total Security Antivirus. It details the features provided by the antivirus. Its price and performance is also reviewed.

360 Total Security is an anti-virus system. It also protects your system against ransomware and malware. It is developed by Qihoo. Qihoo is a Chinese Internet security company. 360 Total Security is a free anti-virus. And it comes with many additional benefits. However, a paid subscription is also available. This article will provide a detailed review of the antivirus. And it will help you in making an informed decision.

Security Provided By 360 Total Security Antivirus

360 Total Security protects you against all current viruses. This antivirus uses 5 different antivirus engines. This helps it in providing maximum security. Two of its antivirus engines are Avira and BitDefender. Both have excellent user reviews.

360 Total Security Review: Should I Get It?

This antivirus is also equipped with Artificial intelligence. This helps the system in monitoring the user behavior. It enables the system to capture viruses early on. However, this antivirus doesn’t work as efficiently as its counterparts.


The antivirus has three scanning modes. You can use a Quick Scan, Full Scan and a Custom Scan. The Quick scan is pretty quick. And it can take less than 5 minutes. You can also run a full scan. The full scan will scan your entire system. It scans existing files, apps and processes. You can also run a custom scan. It can run on any external storage device. You can also schedule the scans. The downside, however is that the scans aren’t as fast as other antiviruses.

Performance of 360 Total Security

The software claims to protect your system from various attacks. It can detect malware, viruses, trojan horse, ransomware, among other threats. However, the tests show a different reality. The antivirus doesn’t perform as well on tests as it claims.

User Friendliness

The anti-virus is quite easy to use and navigate. It also provides frequent updates. It provides daily updates of virus definitions. Moreover, the premium subscribers get priority updates. This antivirus is quite light. It’s also easy to install. And it works in the background. Its scans don’t interfere with the work you are doing.

Additional Tools

The antivirus comes in two free versions. They are 360 Total Security Essentials and 360 Total security. Essentials is the basic version. It does all the basic functions of an antivirus. The next level comes with some additional tools. It comes with features like Patch- Up, Wi-Fi Security, Clean-Up and Speed-Up. These additional tools will make your system very efficient. It also comes in a premium subscription. The premium subscription is quite affordable. And it comes with a bevy of other useful features.

360 Total Security Review: Should I Get It?
360 Total Security Review: Should I Get It?


The free version of this antivirus provides enough features. Moreover the premium version is also comparatively affordable. The paid version comes in various levels.

Final Verdict

This isn’t the best antivirus present out there. However, it is quite easy to use. And it does a fairly decent job in protecting your system. Even its premium subscription is very affordable. Moreover, the additional tools offered by the package are very efficient. This package can be definitely used with other security devices.